Website Design

Good website design should serve a clear purpose and make the experience of using the internet as easy and enjoyable as possible. We build well designed websites that are easy to use and provide all the information that is needed.

Websites need to be well planned, have quality, well-written content, good navigation, and be well designed for the target audience in mind.

Your website is the first thing that people will see of your organisation on the internet and presents your ideas to a global audience.

An online website presence is vital to the success of modern business, the whole world is at your fingertips.

We understand the power of the internet and what it takes to bring you the best solutions for your business.

The Design Process

We'll listen to exactly what you need as well as providing you with ongoing support, if required.


  • design notepadWe will help you choose a domain name and arrange website hosting
  • The client's brief will be discussed in detail to ensure that we understand exactly what you need
  • The new website design will be created to reflect the brief discussed
  • The client will review the design for approval or any changes that need to be made
  • When the client is totally happy with the design the website will be built


For websites to be visible on the internet they need to be optimised for search engines, Google etcetera. Basic search engine optimisation - SEO - of the website is a standard part of the design process that we offer.

Take a look at the design work we do in our website design portfolio.


What Will a New Website Cost

client design billAfter discussing your needs we will draft a plan of contract that costs for all necesities that are required of the website. You will be invoiced a document that will clearly explain the cost you will need to pay for the website design service specified.

Any requirements that are surplus to the original agreement will occur an extra charge. This can include longer passages of text, researching and developing content and branding of web pages, more images, further design work, extra web pages etc.

We deliver a design experience that acknowledges the client's needs and budget.

50% of the final design fee will then need to be paid upfront by the client. This is standard practice for many web-design companies.

New Web Pages and Hourly Rate for Design Work

Any new web-pages that need to be added to the website at a later date, will be charged for at an agreed cost per page. We charge £ per hour for website maintenance, and have a £ minimum charge for all work. With website updates it makes financial sense to give us a number of small updates in one go!

Regular website maintenance is crucial to achieving successful results and it is important to update the website on a regular basis. Adding to the website will help attract new visitors and keep established ones interested.

Please contact us today to get a free quotation. We look forward to working with you.